Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Genuine BLUR 150cc Motor Scooter or SPORTBIKE!

Just received a BRAND NEW LEFTOVER Genuine Blur at a SUPER LOW PRICE! One of the best deals in the 150cc class sport scooter. Stop by the shop and check it out! Spring's right around the corner...
(click on the images for higher resolution pics!)

Wanna ride a rocket? Watch it pass's a BLUR! Radical look. Radical performance. The BLUR is a sportbike morphed into a scooter!

6-bar Linkage Centralized Rear Performance Suspension eats up the bumps (check out the beefy rear shock, in the MIDDLE of the frame!), grippy 13" tires and a smooth CVT transmission pushes this rocket over 60 mph.

Stiff sportbike-like frame, well balanced weight distribution, engineered to carve the twistys! Alloy wheels and dual disc brakes stops the BLUR on a dime. Dial it down in a hurry when you see a radar gun. A blast around town, or a turbo-charged tour of the countryside. The BLUR spells F-U-N.

One of the hottest scoots of the year. Check out what a REAL scooter rides like!

Friday, February 1, 2008

2007 TGB R5 49cc Motor Scooter BLACK $1799


Brand New TGB R5 49cc Motor Scooter. Quick, powerful 49cc 2-stroke engine, automatic CVT transmission, 12" alloy rims with polished chrome lips, meaty 12" performance tires, sharp sporty looks. Includes 2 year limited warranty parts & labor. TGB (Taiwan Golden Bee - Vespa = wasp in Italian) makes the automatic transmission for modern Vespa Scooters.

We've found the TGB R5 to be one of the quickest 2 stroke 49cc scooters we carry. Great handling, pops off the line. We sold these for $2199 - SAVE $400!!!