Sunday, January 25, 2009

2006 Genuine BLUR!!! 150cc Sportbike Scooter

Just received a trade on a 2006 GENUINE BLUR!!! One of the hottest 150cc sport scooters with radical rear suspension, this scooter is the best handling scoot on the market! Rides more like a sportbike than a scooter, the BLUR is in high demand and becoming harder to find. Hurry in before it's gone!

Wanna ride a rocket? Watch it pass's a BLUR! Radical look. Radical performance. The BLUR is a sportbike morphed into a scooter!

6-bar Linkage Centralized Rear Performance Suspension eats up the bumps (check out the beefy rear shock, in the MIDDLE of the frame!), grippy 13" tires and a smooth CVT transmission pushes this rocket over 60 mph.

Stiff sportbike-like frame, well balanced weight distribution, engineered to carve the twistys! Alloy wheels and dual disc brakes stops the BLUR on a dime. Dial it down in a hurry when you see a radar gun. A blast around town, or a turbo-charged tour of the countryside. The BLUR spells F-U-N!!!

The sportiest scooter on the market! Check out what a REAL scooter rides like!

6217 Blur Odometer Units (it's known that the BLUR odometer is somewhere between Km and Miles). Mileage may be a bit more 'cause we just can't resist riding the BLUR! Originally sold and just serviced at Philadelphia Scooters.

Priced at SOLD!!!